About Us
Connector Kings Corp was established in 1988 to offer the highest quality American made, irrigation materials. Since then, we have established relationships with over twelve thousand contractors in the United States and suppliers in twenty nine countries. We hope you will also find value in dealing direct with our factory and making Connector Kings a regular vendor to your business. We offer the best warranties in the industry. We can do this by using only the highest grade of plastics available and continuously monitoring quality control. This assures you that you are installing parts that will last the life of the system you are selling to your customers and eliminating customer callbacks.

Our control wire is all 100% American mined copper. It has been annealed for flexibility and easy installation. The wire is tested twice for continuity. Once when it is spooled and again prior to shipping. This insures the wire maintains its integrity when you receive it. Our customer service department, along with all of our staff, will go to any lengths to assure that you are happy with our products and services. We are always open to our customers feedback and invite your opinions, comments, and suggestions in order to make your experience with Connector Kings as satisfying and rewarding as possible.

In addition to the line of irrigation products we manufacture, we can offer you assistance in the following areas :

- Product Development

- Tooling

- Molding

- Assembly

- Private Labeling

If you have an idea for a new product but do not know where to start or how to bring it to the market, we have the facilities and experienced personnel ready to assist you.

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Connector Kings - P.O. Box 1507, Kodak, TN. 37764 <br> <strong>Toll Free</strong> (800) 822-6608 <strong>Direct</strong> (951) 710-1180 - <strong>Fax</strong> (951) 710-1190

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